Cellular Foam Glass

The organic Thermal Insulation materials with glass as raw material feature high weather resistance, corrosion resistance, mice gnawing resistance and high chemical stability with no softening, rusting, moth, mildew and ageing, and can keep consistent energy saving performance in long service life, and therefore honored as “permanent thermal materials without need of replacement.

High Dimensional Stability

High temperature foaming forming; super-excellent dimensional stability, low linear expansion coefficient, not deformation and no cracking.

With the substrate of glass, it has extreme low water absorption (volumetric absorption of less than 0.5%) The inside sealed bubble eliminates the capillary effect and it nearly do not absorb the moisture (moisture permeance factor approaching zero)   As a result, it has durable and favorable thermal insulation performance and also the optimal waterproof and moisture proof functions without any degradation with the time.

Under the apparent density 140 – 180kg/m3, the indicators of average tensile strength and breaking strength are of 0.5- 1.5MPa. Among the thermal insulation materials with the mean heat conductivity coefficient of about 0.056W/(m.K), the foamglass has the highest strength, and it is the optimal low thermal conductivity, high strength, energy saving and environmental protection material.

It can be sued under the temperature of -268*C – +480*C, even under high temperature and freezing conditions, and it is applicable for severe conditions such as high temperature, deep cold, constant temperature and constant moisture conditions..

Easy for cutting, processing and construction, non-poisonous and harmless, safe and environment protection.

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