SM Interlocking System

Belform Shaped Extruded Polystyrene Pipe and Vessel Insulation



STYROFOAM brand insulation has enjoyed a long and successful history in low temperature applications. For over 40 years STYROFOAM has been used to insulate refrigerated buildings, refrigerated trucks, and refrigeration equipment and piping.

The key to this success has been the excellent performance of STYROFOAM brand insulation. It has exceptional moisture resistance, so it keeps its insulation value long term. And it has high compressive strength to resist physical damage. STYROFOAM brand insulation over the years has become the preferred insulation for low temperature systems, both for preventing surface condensation and for minimizing heat gain.

Belform fabricates STYROFOAM SM brand insulation into pipe covering, valve and fitting covers, equipment lagging, and tank and vessel covers. Common fabrication techniques include hot wire cutting, sawing, routing and planning. The resulting fabricated sections are non-dusting, non-irritating, and easily installed.

Moisture Resistance and Insulation Value

STYROFOAM brand insulation is manufactured by expanding molten polystyrene in a continuous extrusion process to form a rigid, closed cell foam with a uniform void-free, micro-cellular structure. This structure gives STYROFOAM brand insulation it’s high compressive strength. Also, it gives the foam it’s excellent resistance to water, resistance to water vapour, and even resistance to wet freeze thaw cycling. Consequently, STYROFOAM brand insulation is able to keep insulating, despite the high moisture conditions which exist continually in low temperature operations-conditions which can cause other insulation products to absorb moisture and lose insulating ability.

Chemical Resistance

STYROFOAM brand insulation has no food value to attract or support plant or animal life. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time can result in ultra-violet degradation of the surface. Signs of UV degradation are a yellowing of the surface, followed by the formation of a thin layer of dust. This dust can inhibit the bonding of mastic coatings and sealants, and it should be removed by thoroughly brushing before application of such materials. STYROFOAM brand insulation has excellent resistance to acids, bases, brines and alcohol. It has poor resistance to hydrocarbons, olefins, napthas, ketones and vinyl esters. More comprehensive resistance charts are available upon request.

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