Belform Insul-Phen

Belform Insul-Phen
Belform Insul-Phen

The Phen-omenal insulation

It’s taken a dynamic company to bring about a major advance in high performance rigid phenolic insulation. That company is Resolco International – a firmly established organization whose people have years of innovative scientific experience in the laboratory, proven expertise in production techniques , and an unrivalled track record in global sales and customer service.

From a state of the art manufacturing facility in Holland, we ship our product “Insul-phen” around the world as a rigid block, which is then fabricated into pipe selections or preformed fittings by a global network of fabricators.

Insul-phen is supplied for the insulation of all building services pipes and ducts, in hospitals, offices, schools, hotels, breweries, food plants and pharmaceutical factories. It can also be suppled as sheets for use in cold storage and other panel applications.

Insul-phen insulation

From the start, the key focus for the Resolco team was to combine their experience in technical development to create an insulation material more advanced than anything currently available.

We achieved this with a unique formulation to produce Insul-phen blocks of a consistently uniform size and shape – free from the pin holes, voids and cracks that often compromise the performance of other products. In standard densities of 2.5, 3.75, 5.0 and 7.5 lb/ft, these blocks are manufactured under strict quality control conditions.

With a zero ODP rating, nothing is more environmentally-friendly than Insul-phen. The blowing agent used in it’s manufacture contains no HCFC’s or CFC’s, and the product safely complies with all international environmental agreements.

Phen-omenal fire safety

Known for it’s superior fire and smoke properties, phenolic insulation is acknowledged as one of the safest insulation materials for uses inside buildings.

Now, protection moves up to a new level, with Insul-phen meeting the fire standards requirements in markets around the globe – for example, Class O to UK building regulations, achieving the ASTM E84 25/50 flame and smoke rating up to 3 inches thickness in North America and M1 rating in France.

One of the most important properties of Insul-phen is it’s low smoke emission and the fact that it gives off virtually not toxic fumes. This can make a very significant difference in the event of a fire – as smoke and fumes are often a greater threat to life then the fire itself.

Phen-omenal environmental benefits

From the Rio Earth Summit to the Kyoto Protocol, the world is having to face up to it’s environmental responsibilities. One of the most important concerns relates to CFC’s and their effect on the ozone layer. Insul-phen, and it’s production process, is 100% freen of CFC’s and HCFC’s. Complying with all international standards and guidelines, it has a Zero Ozone Depletion rating. Insul-phen’s superior insulation value also leads to an increase in energy savings, and a reduction in the running costs of heating/air conditioning systems.

Phen-omenal moisture resistance

Condensation can compromise the effectiveness of insulating materials, which is a major issues in hot and humid conditions.

With some materials, there is a risk of moisture penetration that can severely affect the thermal efficiency of the insulation. As a consequence, pipes can be damaged or corroded and the building fabric also deteriorates.

The high closed cell content of Insul-phen gives it very high resistance to moisture penetration which prevents the wicking effect seen particularly with fibrous “open cell” type materials.

Insul-phen is normally supplied with a factory applied aluminum foil or all service jacket (ASJ) vapour barrier. This all but eliminates the possibility of moisture or moisture vapour intrusion.

Phen-omenal insulation value

Insul-phen has the best k value /k factor/ thermal conductivity of any commonly specified insulation material.

It’s high thermal efficiency means that the actual insulation thickness is significantly lower then other materials. By saving space, this makes it much easier to run – and insulate – pipework through difficult or restricted places.

Higher density insul-phen is manufactured for the fabrication of pipe supports which ensure that the integrity of the insulation is maintained throughout the system without any weak points.

Phen-omenal service

Insul-phen is now available worldwide through a growing international network of fabricators.

This network is backed by Resolco with a full range of technical services to provide specifiers with guidance on all aspects of the product, it’s applications and compliance with relevant regulations and performance standards.

From product performance to total customer support, Insul-phen sets the new standard in advanced insulation.

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